LONER was created to make self-care and mental wellbeing accessible and tangible.

It’s not just for witches or gurus. It is here for everybody, including you. You deserve the time to unwind and breathe after a long day. We want you to take a moment in your day to slow down and listen to what your true self has been trying to tell you all day.

We inspire you to press pause, breathe and connect with yourself from the inside out.


FOMO, anxiety, perfectionism. Sounds familiar? We live in a world where social pressure and our constant stream of thoughts dominate our lives. The endless to -do list and society’s expectations drain our energy and motivation. So we end up surviving instead of living.

We believe everyone needs time to listen. Not to other people’s opinions but to your tired feet and racing thoughts. Because they were telling you to slow down all day and you didn’t.

Allow yourself to take a moment in your day to unwind and listen, to find out what you really need.
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In a world full of brands we choose to work with local and sustainable companies. Entrepreneurs with a clear mission and a burning passion for their product, the planet and the people on it.Sometimes we meet interesting companies that are not locally sourced but who have stolen our heart anyway. Those products could also end up on your doorstep.

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Everyone is unique. That’s why we’ve decided to create personalised self-care packages. All products are selected according to your needs and preferences.


We only want the best for you. We carefully pick products that don’t contain any harmful ingredients, but only the ones that vitalize your body and calm your soul.